Affordable Fashion: Spring 2017 Trends In-Store at Beautiful Lives Boutique

Spring is just around the corner, and despite today’s frigid temps, our imaginations have us sitting poolside, sipping some sweet tea already.

Whether you’re planning your spring break ensembles or simply looking to update your warm-weather wardrobe, Beautiful Lives Boutique has all the essentials (and eye-catching accessories) you need to stay looking fabulous and on budget this season.

At our boutique, it’s entirely possible to keep up with the latest trends because we’re no ordinary thrift store. For every spring 2017 fashion trend listed below, we have items that fit the ticket.

Hello, Yellow!

Everyone en vogue will be mellow yellow this season. Canary, mustard, crayola - any shade will do. With so many tints to choose from, you’re sure to find one that looks good on your skin tone.

Hello Yellow!

Seaside Stripes

If you’re dreaming of the beach today, these seaside stripes will literally make you feel the sand between your toes. Play matchie matchie with your beach umbrella this spring in fun wide stripes.

Seaside stripes

Penchant for Pendants

We’re fond of our selection of long necklaces. You can dress up almost anything with a pendant necklace of gold, silver or any metal.


Waltzin’ With Wall Street

We know you’re not living off a wall street salary, but we’ve got the stripes that may make your friends wonder if you are.

wall street

Bouquet Yourself

Nothing screams spring more than a lovely floral print. We have bookoos of beautiful designs on tops, dresses, shorts - everything! Florals for Everyone 🌺🌸🌷🌻


Classic Khaki

You just can’t go wrong with khaki. It pairs well with pretty much everything - whether you’re cajjing out or going fancy shmancy. This color is so versatile and stays in style forevah!


White Shirt Dresses

Another simple ensemble, sporting a white shirt dress is a trend that can be dressed up with booties and accessories or down with sandals. It’s a look that’s light and airy - all the things we want in our spring weather.

white shirt dress

Tarry with Terry Cloth

One of the more unique spring trends is rockin’ robes out and about. While we don’t typically carry bathrobes in our upscale boutique, we do have some fun terry cloth from time to time. Take for example, this Juicy Couture dress.


Rock Those Leggings, Ladies

Another casual look that you’ll be glad to know is actually in style, athleisure is available in our store in both sassy and simple patterns. You needn’t shy away from wearing athleisure, the new version of sweats, out on the street.

Go Big or Go Home

Whether it’s an XXL bag or enormous earrings, wear your accessories loud and proud. Embellish your ensemble with mammoth statement items. We have a slew of ginormous jewelry for every outfit.


Statement-Making Slogans

Seize the day at Beautiful Lives Boutique with statement-making tees. It’s like a tattoo that you can actually take off - share your motto on your shirt. “Today’s the day” to shop here!



Swing by this week to stock up on all the gorgeous goods you need and want for next week. With prices so low, you can’t afford not to shop here. And you’ll have the peace of mind that your purchase goes to support great causes, local and global



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Photography: Ryan Klintworth